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Premium video ads for websites
of any size

We refuse to accept that only big publishers have access to premium video advertising budgets and technologies!

Join the Revloq Revolution!


Revloq empowers small & medium websites to earn more

Revloq is leading the charge, granting you access to video advertising dollars and technology previously reserved for only the largest publishers.

Top-tier video player

Experience the power of the cutting-edge Revloq video player, an advanced adtech solution that allows text-based websites to earn high CPMs from video ads.

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Premium demand

Revloq opens doors to demand sources that were once off-limits, connecting your website to big-time players like Google AdExchange, Magnite, and Xandr.


Weekly payments

Revloq revolutionizes the advertising market by paying small and medium publishers weekly, not NET30 or NET60.


Join the movement! Watch your earning soar!


Easy, Fast & Convenient Payments

Variety of methods


Domestic & International

How it Work

How to join


  Step 01.  

Register, add a one-line code and an ads.txt file to your site.


  Step 02.  

Wait while you site gets approved. The more traffic, the faster the approval is.


  Step 03.  

Revloq starts showing ads & earn you well-deserved money

How the video player works

Referral program

Invite others & earn 20% commission

Earn a recurring 20% commission every month FOREVER for every website you invited to the movement.

90-day cookie window

A user registered within 90 days from visiting our website from your link is attributed to you! This way you can be sure you efforts will pay off.

Monthly payments

Our dashboard shows you how your balance is growing everyday so at the end of the month you can easily withdraw your earnings.

Unlimited earnings

We do not limit your earning in any way: you can invite as many users as you want, you will get your commission as long as they use Revloq.

Anyone can join our referral program. Doesn't matter is use Revloq yourself or not.


Contact Info

General inquiries

Digital Revenue LLC

3400 Cottage Way
Ste G2 #12615
Sacramento, California 95825

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